Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

January 2014:

New Year Beans

Beans picked 1st of januarary 2014

01 January:

Patola and Sinkemas

Images of Patola
        and Sinkemas

More Beans

Images of more

02 January:

New Year Chicks
-All present and Correct!
Images of two hens with young chicks (3
            and 6) that have survived the arrival of the New Year

Planted today:

Water Melon (from dinner) in various Coconut Compost Areas

Butter Beans (Seedman VUD011) in N.1B(b), V.3A, V.4A,  V.4C, V.4E

Transplanted today:

Various Citrus seedlings by Western Hedge (2) and Coconut Compost Areas (3)

03 January:

Harvested Today!
-Our only Eggplant fruit
Images of Eggplant growing

Penny's Patch
-With lots of young Eggplant
Images of
            penny's garden patch -with lots of young Eggplant

My Patch

-With only Patola (luffa) growing well
Images of my
            garden patch -with only Patola growing well

Planted today:

CowPeas, Sitao and Winged Beans in Snake Bean (climbing frame) Area, V.3A, V.4B and V.4D

Longan in a pot
-Before and After planting
Images of

04 January:

Two Transplanted Citrus and a Lanzones

images of Citrus and Lanzones

Papaya Transplants

Images of
            transplated Papaya seedlings

.... and more Citrus

images of more
            Citrus transplants

Planted today:

Arugula, Mustard, Amayah, Kailaan, Tall Utah Celery, Red and White Onions in Stump Patch

05 January:

Planted today:

(House) Cannae seeds in various Coconut Compost and "Wild" Areas

(House) Beans in various places (including Stump Patch, with stick to support Patola)

Transplanted today:

(House) Chili seedlings in Northern Hedge Area

Coleus plants (damaged by chickens) replanted as cuttings in various Mini Flower Garden Areas

08 January:

Budding Vines
Snake Bean                                                  Patola                                                       Squash
Images of young fruits on the vine

More Beans and Seeds

Images of beans and seeds

Harvested today:

Winged Beans, Butter Beans and Cowpeas

Seeds Collected today:

Water Mellon and Espada Baguio (from lunch)

Winged Beans and Sitao (from garden)

Success (and Failure) in the anti-Chicken Game

Images of crops growing (or not) within
            anti-chicken fence

14 January:

Planted today:

Chicken Seed Mix in Banana Compost Areas (see Photos)

Various Beans in various locations

Anti-Chicken Areas
-New and Recently Planted
Images of various anti-chicken

15 January:

Planted today:

Eggplant: 5 Chinese, 5 Mixed (Babat), 5 Long  (Know You) and 5 Round (Know You) in a tray (Penny)

                  6 Chinese and 6 Mixed (Babat) in Pots (Trevor)

                   5 Tiger Striped and 3 Turkish in Pots (Fatima)

Longan in Pot

16 January:

In the Nursery
-Eggplants and other recently planted seeds
Images of
            newly planted seeds in pots

23 January:

Planted today:

Red Apple seeds in Pots (Nursery)

24 January:

Old and New Anti-Chicken Areas

Images of Anti-Chicken fences with
            growing crops

Planted today:

Mixed Chicken Feeds, Market Paprika, Italian Parsley, Thai Basil, Amaranth (Baker Creek), Saluyot, Korean Hyssop, Marsh Mallow, Cherry Tomato, Dyesabel Tomato, Macapuno White Corn, Mustard, White Radish, Kailaan, Carrot and Asparagus in (new) Anti-Chicken Area.

Asparagus in V.3C, V.3D and in Western Hedge Area (by Ginger Patch)

Indian Serpent Gourd in V.3B and V.2D (Bean Patch)

25 January:

Penny's Stump Patch -and Mine
-Penny's Paprika and Eggplant are blooming                                            
Images of two garden "stump
                                            -and my Patola is starting to bud!

Two Views of the Northern Garden

Images of the
            Northern garden in December

In the Nursery
-The Longan and some Eggplants are sprouting
Images of
            sprouting (and not sprouting) seedlings

Planted today:

Red Apple seeds in pots

26 January:

The Lucky Few
-Initially, both hens had 6 chicks each
Images of Hens with Chicks
-we suspect local cats

Planted today:

Celosia in Nursery Pots (Apple-2)

27 January:

Wind Blown Seeds
-Newly planted
Images of Seeds blown by wind -before
            and after planting

Meanwhile, Back at the Nursery.....

Images of
            germinating seeds in containers

29 January:

Fruiting Guyabano
-Two fruit on the same (young) tree
Images of Guyabano growing on tree
Last year, there was only one fruit....

Planted today:

Hybrid Asparagus, Chinese Cabbage, Baguio Pepperoni, Amaya,  Mustard, Chinkang, Kailaan, Carrot, White Radish, Arugula, Saluyot in N.1B(b)

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