Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

December 2017:

Image of newly bought plants

December  01:

Some New Garden Plants

Images of newly bought garden plants

December  02:

More Copra being Processed

IMags of copra being processed

The first Rain this Month

Images of tropical rain

...but not so much Flooding

Images of flooding in tropical backyard garden

However the Goats are not Happy about Getting Wet

Imags of tropical backyard goats just after rain

But the Cat doesn't Care

Images of a cat sleeping on a worktable

December  03:

Goodbye Ihid-II

Visual link to "Goodbye Ihid-II" web page

Flooding has almost Gone

Images of tropical backyard flooding

Finishing the Copra

IMages of Copra being dried on a

Rain and Sun Again

Images of tropical rain followed by sun

December  04:

Another Patch Tidied Up

IMages of tropicl backyard garden
        Patch given a small border fence

Guess what we are having for Lunch!

Images of a tropical backyard pork

Some of the new plants are replanted

Images of newly replanted tropical
        backyard plants

December  05:

Light Rain Again

Images of light trropical rain

Concrete fragments on paths broken up to improve walking and drainage conditions

IMages of concrete left by builders
        broken up to makea tropical backyard garden paths

December  07:

Replanting Session

Newly bought plants relocated along garden wall
Images of newly planted tropical backyard plantsl

Dragon Fruit, Durian and Marang
Images of newly planted Dragon Fruit cutting, Durian and
        Marang seedlijgs

December  08:

Town Fiesta at a neighbour's house

Images of a Philippine Fiesta meal

More Replanting Today

Images of trpical backyard plants after replanting

Images of plants in tropical backyard after replanting

Bananas starting to Regenerate after being cut by Builders

Images of Banana trees regenerating

Replanted Bananas also Trying to Grow

Images of replanted banana trees regenerating

Making Sausages

Images of making sausages

Images of making sausages (Boudin Blanc)
Boudin Blanc

December  09:

Sausages Drying

Images of sausages drying in a
        tropical bathroom

Sausages for Lunch

Images of sausage lunch

Pandaan Cuttings Planted

Images of newly planted pandaan cuttings

Passion Fruit Seedlings Planted

Images of newly planted passion fruit seedlings

"Nursary" Area Tidied Up

Images of tropical backyard plant nursary being
            tidied up

December  10:

Setting up the "Creep Space" for Piglets in the Farrowing Pen

Images of creep space for piglets in
        farrowing pen

....and the Lighting Connection is Established

Images of electrical connection to
        tropical backyard pig pen

Some Citrus Seedlings Planted

Imagws of newly planted Citrus

Garden Frame Moved -and various areas Resown with a mixture of Vegetable Seeds

Images of various newly sown tropical
        backyard garden patches

More Beans and Peanuts sown in the Pig Pen Area

Images of tropicalbackyard garden area sown with beans
        and peanuts

Sausage Dinner

Images of Sausage Dinner

December  11:

Some Gabi (Taro) and Cassava Sticks for the Rain Gardens

Images of Green and Purple Taro before

Images of newly planted Taro

More Citrus Seedlings planted

Images of newly planted Citrus

Images of newly planted Citrus seedlings

Lighting installed in the Farrowing Pen

IMages of lighting in tropical
        backyard Farrowing Pen

Panorama of Fatima's New (Western) Gardens

IMages of Western Garden in tropical

Ham Dinner

Images of Evening meal, made from home-made Ham

December  12:

Newly Planted Taro

Images of newly planted Gabi

Cassava sticks laid on soil to produce roots

Images of cssava sticks placed on the
        ground so they can grow roots

December  13:

Dead Frog Given Us as a Present from Our Cats

Images of a dead frog near our front
        door presented to us by one of our cats

Auntie Brownie is Transferred to the Farrowing Pen

IMages of Pregnant Sow being moved to
        a Farrowing Pen

Only one Rain Garden Flooded after Heavy Night Rain

Images of trpical backyard Rain garden
        preventing flooding

Finding A Path in the Northern Jungle

Images of unruly tropicl garden being
        trimmed back

Some refuse is fed to animals
Images of tropical backyard pigs eating weeds

...and some is replanted -to help drain the soil
Images of edible ground creepers replanted in
              tropical backyard -as fodder but also to improve soil and

Trying to Improve Paths by Moving Concrete left on Garden Plots by Builders

Images of unwantedm concrete being moved from garden
        beds to make paths

Some Seeds Surviving -but Several Damaged by Chickens

Images of seedlings struggling to
        siurvive after being devastated by chickens in tropical

More Rain

Images of tropical rain

December  14:

After Two Nights of Heavy Rain, the Rain Gardens are Starting to Flood

Images of excess water in tropical
        backyard Rain Garden

However, by the End of the Day the Water is Starting to Subside

Images of newlyn created tropical
        backyard Rain Gardens

December  15:

Despite several Nights (and Days) of Rain, Drainage is Working very well

Images of tropical backyard drainage
        after days of rain

December  16:

Visiting a Neighbour for their Christening Lunch

Images of christening lunch, Bohol,
        Dec. 2017

December  19:

Continuing the Cutting of Paths in the Northern Jungle

Images of an unruly part of a tropical
        backyard garden being cleaned up

Another Attempt to Protect  Seeds and Seedlings from Chickens and Ducks

Images of seeds sown on a bed of
        sticks to keep chickens and ducks away

More Hens with Chicks

Images of Hens with Chicks

 Auntie Brownie's Second Farrowing
Visual link to "Auntie Brownie's Second
          Farrowing" web page

December  21:

Typhoon in the Area: Lots of Rain Today

Images of tropical rain

-but the Drainage Still seems to be Working Reasonably

Images of the effect of heavy rain in a tropicac
        backyard garden

December  22:

After another Night of Rain, Drainage is getting Critical -but still not a Serious Problem

Images of tropical backyard drainage

...While the Banana Trees are Regenerating Nicely

Images of bnana trees regenerating

A Few signs of Green in the anti-Chicken Experiment

Images of anti-chicken garden patch

Newborn Piglet Takes a Trip -Nearly gets Lost, but Finds its way Home

Images of newly borj tropical backyard piglet taking a
        trip in the garden

...And, of course, Rain Again....

Images of tropical rain

December  23:

Many more Green Shoots now Appearing in the Anti-Chicken Garden Patch

Images of crops growing amid sticks
        intended to keep chickens away

December  24:

Some dare to Explore, Others are not Sure -while Some Prefer to Be With Mummy

Images of some tropical backyard
        piglets exploring -while others stay at home

December  25:

Carolers in Various Shapes and Sizes

Images of Christmas carolers in
        tropical backyard

December  26:

Two Fattening Chickens -can we Breed them?

Images of "45 Day" fattened
        chickens in a tropical backyard coop

The Anti-Chicken Garden Patch seems Successful

Images of crops growing amid sticks intended to keep
        chickens away

December  27:

Crushed in the Night

Images of burial of dead tropical
        backyard piglet

...but Life Goes On for the Others...

Images of tropical backyard sown and piglets enjoying

Cleaning Up the Mess and Marking out the Paths

Imags of junk from old tropical backyard pig pen used to
        mark out garden paths

Lost: Escaped on the way to the Vet

Images of Injured Cat and carrying box he escaped from

December  28:

Sun after Rain

IMages of tropical sun after rain

Making a Bamboo Salt Lick with Salt and Molasses

Images of constructing a bamboo salt
        lick for animals

Images of constructing a bamboo salt lick for animals

Images of constructing a bamboo salt lick for animals

Goats Enjoy Home-Made Salt Lick, which Improves their Appetite too

Images of tropical backyard goats with
        Home-Made saltlick

December  29:

Bananas Harvested

Images of newly harvested tropical
        backyard bananas

Sow and the Nine Surviving Piglets are Enjoying the Sun

Images of tropical backyard sow with piglets enjoying
        the sun

Anti-Chicken Experiment still looking Successful

Images of tropical backyard seed patch with anti-chicken

December  31:

Auntie Brownie enjoys a Breakfast in Bed before Starting Work

Images of tropical backyard sow with

Neighbours collecting "Chesa" for their Celebratory New Year's Table

Images of people picking Chesa from
        the tree

Some more Rain to End the Year

Images of tropical rain

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