June 2010: Building the House:

-Phase 1:

The Team!

The Team
-My wife Fatima, our helper Penny and her husband (master Builder) Bebe

Sketch of floor
        plan for wooden house

The Plan

Composite Images
        laying foundations of wooden house

Getting the foundations right

Composite of
        building wooden house

Up she Rises!

Building high!

Vertical Building

Compound portraits
        of workers


Image of workers
        having a break

and Relaxation

Image of workers
        -with boss sitting watching

.... while the Boss watches

Various things around the site
A rock garden from the foundations of the church             Illegal residents in the woodshed                           

Various Images
        around the site

The Roof has Arrived......           and So has the first Kitchen!

Images of hous

And now the People!

Phase 2
Phase 3

Clearing Land

Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2013