Auntie Brownie's First Time Farrowing:

-June 2017

Images of tropical backyard Sow and
        Boar before mating
Brownie and Brownie -March 4 2017

June  23, Friday:

Images of tropical backyard Pig making
        a nest from Banana leaves before farrowing

Images of tropical backyard Pig taking a rest before

Around 11 45 PM  Fatima was woken up by the sounds of a restless pig.
We gave her some dried banana leaves that we've been saving so she can make a nest.
Which she did -and then she laid down for a rest....

June  24, Saturday:

Imagesof newly born piglets

Images of newly born tropical backyard piglets

Images of newly born piglets in tropical backyard

Images of newly born piglets

Around 6 30 AM Brownie had a light breakfast and laid down again.... Around 8 20 AM we heard strange noises and saw the first piglet. We are left her completely alone to see how she coped -but were ready to intervene in case there were problems.....

Fatima says that at first Brownie seemed a bit confused by the piglet's appearance -but by 8 30 AM had settled down and was suckling it

Just after 8 30 AM the second piglet arrived.

By 9 30 AM -it was over: Mother resting and the kids drinking. Unfortunately, the last born (exceptionally small) was already dead. We watched from our balcony and didn't go down there until later.

By 11 AM mother and piglets were resting, We still hadn't been down to take a look yet. This time we will leave as much as possible to the mother and allow nature to take its course.

Around 11 35 AM mother is quietly suckling the brood and we sneak down for the first photo shoot. Just a few shots and then back to the house. Everything is very quiet and peaceful.....

Around 2.30 PM -she gets up and starts eating some of the nesting material. Then she takes a rest away from the piglets for a while. We still haven't gone into the pen -but it looks like 10 or 11 live piglets plus one (or possibly two) dead ones.

images of tropical backyard piglet born dead

By 4 PM (normal feeding time) Fatima went in to the pen after feeding and collected the one dead piglet. Brownie had eaten the placenta.

We buried the dead piglet in the garden and around 5 30 PM closed down for the evening.

 June  25, Sunday:

(photos: Fatima Lasay)
Images of one day old tropical backyard piglets

Images of one day old tropical backyard piglets

Images of one day old tropical backyard piglets

June  26, Monday:

On our return from shopping  Brownie seems somewhat restless and disturbed. Lots of squealing piglets and some crushing incidents.

June  27, Tuesday:

Images of piglet crushed by tropical
        backyard sow

Piglet crushed yesterday finally dies.
However, the group seems to be back to normal -and have calmed down after yesterday.

Images of young tropical backyard
        piglets with mother

June  28, Wednesday:

Images of tropical backyard sow with
        five day old piglets

Images of tropical backyard sow with young piglets

 June  29, Thursday:

Images of burial of tropical backyard
        piglet crushed by mother

A second crushed piglet found dead

 June  30, Friday:

Images of tropical backyard sow with
        six day old piglets

It seems the piglets have finally discovered their specially provided safe "creep" space

Images of tropical backyard piglets
        sleeping in special creep space
(photo: Fatima Lasay)


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