End of the Year for Dindin:

-December 31 2013

The Measure of Dindin

Images of Penny and Pig getting measured

Setting up the Weighing Beam

Images of setting
        up the weighing beam

Getting tied up for weighing

Tying the pig for

Being Weighed

Images of Pig
        being weighed

Preparing the Block

Images of
        preparation of the executioners block

The Execution

Images of the
        execution of Dindin

... and Butchering

Images of pig
        being butchered

Hard at Work

Images of men at
        work cutting up the pork

Setting up Shop for the New Year Sales

Images of people
        buying pork for the New Year

We helped feed you, Dindin
-and now you help feed us!

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Project Land
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Dindin Feeds the Multitudes

Trevor Batten
 <trevor at tebatt dot net>
 Baclayon 2014