I.  The Calculated Number

            (Data Space)

The geometry and Topology of Numerical Space: Exploring the material consequences of movement and change in relation to the Character and Texture of various conceptual Spaces

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Defining Space:

Creating A Space For Change

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Parameters and Coordinates

Representing Parameters and Organizing Coordinates

-Colour Spaces
-Number Spaces
-Logic Spaces

Coordinated (Enumerated) Locations
Multi-Dimensional Grids:
Other definitions of Space?
-Orthogonal Space (Cartesian, Polar)
-Furbicated Space (trees)
-Fractal Space

-System Space (Exploiting Internal Connections)
-Process Space (Exploiting External Connections)
-Transformation Space (defining transformation and defining Grammar of connectivity)

Interpreting Space:
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Articulating Space:

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Trevor Batten
Baclayon 2011