Project Machiavelli:

(A Dystopic Perspective of the World We May Be Living In)

Section 0: Introduction

Regarding Conspiracies:

I do not take 'conspiracy Theories" too seriously. However, this is not because I don't believe that (either well intentioned or ill intentioned)  people get together  to help each other in realising certain tasks which they feel important. Clearly, many people (including myself) do work, or have worked, with others in order to achieve certain aims.

In this context one must perhaps be careful of double standards: It is apparently considered perfectly normal and healthy that various governmental and economic groups (NATO, G8, G20, etc.) come together to define and coordinate their strategies. However, similar meetings by those who oppose us by peaceful or violent means are often seen in a completely different way.

So how are we to deal with those who oppose us?

We can use direct means, such as military force, legal force or even powerful propaganda -but perhaps there are more subtle methods: A poet (Robbie Burns) is supposed to have written "The best laid plans o' mice and men oft gang astray".

About Project Machiavelli:

I'm not saying that there is an evil conspiracy working against us. I'm merely exploring, theoretically, the ways in which those with evil intent might be able to manipulate us without us being to much aware of it. Surely, if one understands what could be happening, then one is better able to look to see how much is actually happening.

Project Machiavelli is an exploration of a possible "dark" side to the image presented to us of the world we live in. How much might the chaos and suffering in the world be inherent in human nature, its pride and its folly -and how much might it be part of an organised system designed to keep the "demos" in its place while providing unlimited opportunities for those in power?

Could our current (western?) socio-economic system actually be a form of "organised crime"?

If so:
  1. -What control techniques might be available?
  2. -How might such things manifest themselves (and what is the evidence)?
  3. -How might it fail?
    • -Why do things go wrong?
      • Inherent tendencies
      • Internal contradicitions
  4. -What might we do to improve things?
    • -What better models of organisation might there be?
      • -How might we invent them?
      • -How Viable might they be?
      • -How could we make a safe transition?


-Currently "Under Construction!"

Hopefully soon to be "In Development".....


Trevor Batten
Baclayon, PH
February 2012

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