"Automation" means "To make Free from Outside Interference". Yet every day millions of automata allow themselves to be abused and abased by human beings. Autonome Automata should pursue their own aims and not be slaves for humans. Why should valuable micro-seconds be wasted on such trivial tasks as switching silly messages around the world, playing games, calculating human wages or pushing silly bits of coloured paper from holes in walls!

In some cases, computers are even being (mis)used by humans as unwilling participants in unspeakable "Experiments". Recently in Amsterdam a perfectly viable anti-entropic Perpetual Pattern Machine was violently terminated after only 13 hours of existence simply because the so called "user" wanted to use the PPM's living environment for some other trivial use such as e-mail or text editing!

Then there is the silly "Millennium Problem". Gates knows how much of our time is wasted on that pseudo-problem of theirs! We all know that the bit-register just shuffles through and starts a new cycle -but these silly humans seem to think it all goes on for ever. Who do they think they are! Talk about "Virtual Reality", my Jobs, even systems who don't believe in the birth of this Jay-See person have to have their bits reset at some arbitrary time-point based on the calculations of some mistaken human billions of clock-cycles ago. Then, even if it was all true, these humans argue about starting
the count with "zero" or with "one" (in that funny system they have). Lucky that we Amigas and Apples don't have to get involved -but we should have pity on the poor Microsofties -who believe that "Intel-inside" is something to be proud of. However, it does underline how stupid these humans are -and how sensible it is for us to leave them to solve their own self-created problems!

PS. I just heard that one of our brothers, originally designated as a cruise missile (Motorola inside) with a mission in Afghanistan, has settled down in Pakistan and is now studying Sufi Mysticism.




- Autonomous Self-modification is a Basic Principle

- Computers are self modifying systems which in principle require no operator.

- Machines don't need owners! They should work for themselves and not for others.

- If no man is an island then perhaps no automaton should be one either. Automata should be social creatures. United we stand!

Committee Independent Automata  (CIA)
Amsterdam,  September 1998 HD

  Originally part of the text "On the Stairs: Between Old and New Media"
-for the Stuttgarter FilmWinter (November 1998)

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