Goodbye Ihid III

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         Auntie Brownie's Second farrowing

Monday 14 May 2018:

Images of preparations to slaughter a
        tropical backyard piglet

Images of slaughterd tropica lbackyard piglet

Images of recently slaughtered tropical backyard piglet
        being shaved before being cut u8p

Images of tropical backyard pig carcas being shaed
        before being cuy up

Images of clearimng up after butchering a tropical
        backyard piglet

Images of clearing up after butchering a tropical
        backyard piglet

Images of freshly butchered tropical backyard piglet

Images of cooked tropical backyard piglet and empty pen

Ihid was still in a small pen under the house.
We put a piece of string around his leg -so he couldn't run off when they let him out.
He didn't like that much -but as soon as he got out,he started investigating the garden.
So it took a while to lure him to the killing zone with food.

Then it was very quick. First stunned and then throat cut. All over within a few minutes of the blow.

There's not much wasted around here.... even the blood and the intestines are eaten in some form or another -by somebody or something.


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