Another Birthday:

-75th Birthday in the Time of Covid

Image of a dead tropical backyard pig
        before roasting

16 May 2020

Roasted Pig

Images of tropical backyard pig being
        prepared for roasting

Images of pig being roasted in tropical backyard

Steamed Dumplings

 Images of woman making stemed
        dumplings in tropical home


Images of cooking birthday noodles in tropical

 Carving The Pig

Images of roast pig being carved up in tropical house

Packaging and Distributing the Lunchboxes

Images of food ready to be distributed

Images of food being packaged in tropical home to be given
      to friends and neighbours


It was a bit of a weird day -but very enjoyable,

Normally, we invite the neighbours round for a celebratory buffet lunch..... But due to Covid this year  we were not allowed to do this.

Instead Fatima opted for "lunchboxes" which Penny and another neighbour (Jenny) took round to our friends  in the area.

These two also made lucky birthday pancit (noodles)  -while Fatima made meat filled steamed buns.

But the real star of the show was yet another neighbour (YokYok) who with friend Noel roasted a pig -which we had bought alive the day before.

The roasted pig was absolutely delicious..... Other neighbours have also served roast pig for celebrations (its a local tradition) -but this was really the nicest we've ever had. Absolutely perfect. Even the skin was crispy and delicious -but still edible without breaking teeth or jaw..... 

Apparently, YokYok is originally from Pamilacan island -which is part of our municipality but around 22 km. offshore.....  I guess roasting a pig is one way they amuse themselves there when the weather is bad and they can't get off the island....  

I also did a bit of pottering in the garden:

 Earlier this year we have chopped down a number of trees. This gives us extra light -and the debris is now starting to rot down. So the garden really seems to be taking off now.... There is still lots of work to do though.

We are also expecting piglets again (within about a week) -for the first time since last year when all our sows died mysteriously......

So hopefully, the "new" normal will be better than the "old" one....


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