Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

May 2020:

Images of duck eggs in a tropical
        backyard nest

May  01:

Seedlings Growing in Pots

Images of seedlings in pots in
        tropical backyard

Some Garden Plants Starting To Produce Fruit

Images of plants fruiting in tropical

May  02:

(Camera Failure -No Image) 

-Handful of Beans Harvested
-Some Tree Seedlings Transplanted
-Fallen Coconut Branches Removed  

May  03:

-A Bit of Trimming and Mulching
-A Citrus Seedling Transplanted

May  04:

-Heavy Rain in the Night
-Fallen Debris Removed
-More Trimming and Mulching
-Some paths Cleared of Leaves for Mulching
-Two Experimental Protected Areas Sown

Fatima Buys Another Pig from the Neighbour and Has it Butchered

Images of freshly butchered
                 (photos: Fatima Lasay)

May  05:

-Trimming and Mulching
-"Cool Weather" Seeds Sown in Shady Area
-Start Made on Small  Fence Around Chesa Tree

May  06:

The Provincial Vet Assesses Pinkie's Tusks

Images of tropical backyard boar with

Fencing Finished

Images of a small fence in tropical

-Various Seeds Sown in Selected Locations

May  07:

-A bit of Path Clearing and Mulching
-A bit of Trimming and Transplanting
-A few Remaining Hybrid Squash Seeds Planted 

May  08:

Fallen Banana Tree Processed

Images of fallen banana tree processed
        in tropical backyard

Penny and Terri Pluck a Pair of Ducks

Images of ducks for dinner

 Path Cleared then Garden Patch Cleaned and Mulched

Images of cleaning and mulching in
        tropical backyard

-Sawdust from Neighbour's Tree Felling Put on Garden Patches
-Rain Again

May  09:

Penny and Terri Plant Two Banana Trees

Images of women planting
                banana trees in tropical backyard
-Three Protected Southern Patches Cleaned and Mulched

May  10:

-A Bit of Mulching

May  11:

Fatima Goes Shopping Again

Images of shopping in Tagbilaran
        during Covid time

-Bunching Onions Planted in Various Locations

Dead Chicken Cooked for Cats

Image od dead chicken being cooked for
        cats in tropical backyard

May  12:

Leaves Moved Ready For Piglet Roasting

Images of leaves cleared from one area
        in tropical backyard and used as mulch in another

More Ducklings

Images of newly hatched ducklings

More Rain

Images of rain in tropical backyard

May  13:

-Two Types of Tomato Transplanted in Various Locations
-Fallen Coconut Branches
-More Leaf Clearing and Mulching

May  14:

Several Trees Are Trimmed

Images of trees trimmed in tropical backyard

Leaves Removed from Grass and Mulched

Images of leaves cleared from grass and used as
            mulch in tropical backyard

Penny Plants Two Hog Plum Cuttings

Images of woman planting Hog Plum cuttings in
            tropical backyard

May  15:

The Piglet Arrives for Tomorrow

Images of piglet being delivered to
          tropical backyard
-Various Seeds Sown in Selected Locations
-More Leaf Clearing and Mulching 

May  16:

Another Birthday
Visual ling to "birthday" web page

May  17:

-Moringa Tree Trimmed To Make Cuttings

May  18:

-More Clearing, Trimming and Mulching

May  20:

We Both Go Shopping Together -For the first time since March 11

Images of shopping in Tagbilaran
        during Covid time
-Alugbati and Kangkong Cuttings from Supermarket Planted in Garden

May  21:

-Amaranth and Choi Sum Seeds Sown in Selected Protected Areas
-Herb Mix Sown in Selected Protected Areas

May  22:

Some Areas Devastated By Tree Felling in January Are Regenerating

Images of regeneration in tropical
        backyard after devastation by tree felling five months earlier

Fatima Receives Provincial (Covid) Relief Goods via The Local Council

Images of Covid Relief Goods from
        province of Bohol

Cleaning Up the Northern Hedge Area after Recent Tree Trimming

Images of tropical backyard hedge area
        after cleaning up

....But Plenty of Work Still to be Done

Images of tropical backyard hedge area
        before cleaning up

May  23:

Thunderstorm in the Night -Fallen Branch Removed

-Banana "Pup" Moved to Wall Area from Northern Garden
-Pinkie Escapes but is Recaptured

May  24:

Goat with Two Kids Found in Our Garden is Returned to its Owner

Images of native goat found in
        tropical garden

Two Surviving Lotus Plants Transferred to Reservoir

Images of lotus plants moved to a new

-Banana "Pup" Patch  Cleared of Weeds

Visual link to "Piglets Again" webpage
Piglets Again

May  25:

Baby Ducklings Too

Images of newly hatched tropical
        backyard ducklings

-Banana "Pup" Patch  Sown with various Seeds

May  26:

More Work on the Northern Hedge Area

Images of c;eaned up border area in
        tropical backyard

-Some Eggplant Seedlings Transplanted

May  27:

-Various Beans Planted in Southern Garden

Visual link to webpage about a tropical backyard boar
            getting his tusks trimmed
Pinkie Gets his Teeth Cut

May  28:

-Ginger Planted in Selected Locations

May  29:

-More Ginger Planted

May  30:



Images of image proccesing with Gimp

May  31:

-More Rain

Piglets One Week Old Tonight

Images of nearly one week old tropical
        backyard piglets

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