Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

June 2020:

Image of tropical backyard sow with

June  01:

One Week Old Piglets Discover The Garden

Images of one week old tropical backard piglets
            inside and outside their pen

Fallen Banana Tree Trimmed and Fed to Pigs

Images of tropical backyard banana tree being cut
            down and fed to pig

Hen Nesting Under Trimmed Banana

Images of hen nesting under broken banana tree

Garden Responding to Recent Rain

Images of plants growing in tropical backyard

June  02:

-Pottering Around

June  03:

-Fatima Goes Shopping Again
-Penny and Terri Butcher Two Ducks
-I Rest All Day

June  04:

-Mini-Protective Patches Created in Southern Garden
-Mini-Patches Broadcast With Assorted Seeds

June  05:

While I'm Computing

Images of working with a computer

 A Hazardous Tree is Removed From Near the piglet Pen

Images of hazardous tree being felled
        in tropical backyard

Images of a hazardous tree being felled in tropical

Which The Piglets Pretend to Ignore

Images of tropical backyard piglets
        with mother

June  06:

Extra Light, Fodder for The Animals and Plenty of Logs for the Garden

Images of result of felling hazardous
        tree in tropical backyard

-Various Pepper Seeds Potted

June  07:

Piglets Two Weeks Old Tonight

Images of two week old tropical
        backyard piglets

June  08:

-Two Avocado Seeds Potted
-Cleaning Up in Various Areas
-More Work on the Mini-Fences
-New Mini-Patches Sown with Assorted Seeds

June  09:

-Cassava Trimmed and Transplanted
Trimmed and Transplanted

Sprouting Mini-Patches

Images of small fenced areas in tropical garden
            witrh seeds sprouting inside

 ...and I Start to Process the Recently Felled Logs

Images of logs from recently felled tropicasl
            backyaerd tree being used to make compost frames around
            fruit trees

June  10:

-A Rainy and Overcast Day
-Some More Work on the Logs

June  11:

-Rain in the Night
-Assortment of Vine Seeds Planted in Various Locations
-Sorghum Removed and Replanted from Southern Garden Protected Patch
-Assorted Seeds Planted After Sorghum Removed

June  12:

-Sorghum, Lemon Grass and Cassava Thinned and Transplanted

June  13:

-Tap Water Returns (For a While) After Three Days Absence
-More Work on the Logs

June  14:


Images of rain in tropical backyard

Piglets Three Weeks Old Tonight

Images of 3 week old tropical backyard

June  15:

-The Tap Water Returns (For a While) Again

We Are Given Some Napier Grass to Plant

Images of napier Grass planted in
        tropical backyard

The Log Borders Are Finished

Images of tropical backyard gardenh
        borders made from felled tree logs

-Heavy Rain

Fatima makes Delicious "Leche Flan" from Milk and Eggs

Images of "Leche Flan" made
        from milk and eggs

June  16:

Various Vine Seeds Planted

Images of tropical backyard arewas
        planted with vine seeds

June  17:

-Fatima Goes Shopping
-More Trimming and Transplanting
-A Whole Packet of (Expired) Bush Beans Planted
-The Last of the Moringa Cuttings are Transplanted

June  18:

-New Seeds (Okra) Pl;anted
-Avocado Seed Planted
-More Work on Mini-Patches

New Seeds (Mustard, Pechay. KangKong) Sown in Mini-Patches

Images of tropical backyard garden


June  19:

-Heavy Rain in the Night
-Pepper Seedlings Moved Under Cover
-Three Avocado Seeds Planted
-Area of path Cleared of Leaves and Composted on Garden Patch

June  21:

-Tap Water Appears (and Disapears) Again

Some Recently Planted Vines Sprouting -Others Not

Images of some (but not all) recently
        planted vines sprouting in tropical backyard

-Overcast Weather

June  22:

-More Vine Seeds Planted in Western Garden
-More Work of Eastern Garden Patch

June  23:

Finished Reshaping and Cleaning Garden Patch

Images of reshaped and cleaned tropical backyard
            garden patch

June  24:

-Tap Water Comes and Goes Again
-Heavy Rain
-Assorted Seeds Broadcast in Northern Garden Patch
-Sanpagita (Jasmine?) Trimmed and Transplanted

June  25:

-More Trimming and Transplanting
-More Heavy Rain

June  26:

-Pottering Around
-Small Fence Protecting young Banana Tree From Ducks
Worked on Mini-Patches

June  27:

An Attempt To Markot an Avocado Tree

Images of attempt to markot tropical
        backyard avocado tree

Mini-Patches Now Finished and Fully Seeded

 Images of mini-patches in
            tropical backyard garden

Eastern Garden Area Tidied Up

Images of tidied up tropical backyard

June  28:

-Garden Patch Borders Improved

June  29:

-Fatima Goes Shopping in Tagbilaran
Improvements to Garden Patch Borders
-Drainage Channel Cleaned

June  30:

-Rain in the Night
-Tap Water Returns (
for a few hours) Again
Patch Borders and Drainage Improved

Images of tidy borders for tropical backyard garden

More Trimming and Transplanting

Images of trimming and transplanting in tropical

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