Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

July 2020:

Image of wheelbarrow full of plant

July  01:

-Planting Yesterday's Cuttings
-More Work on the Borders

July  02:

Preparing Materials for Border Improvements

Images of preparing materials used to improve
            tropical backyard garden borders

Trimming, Feeding, Composting or Transplanting

Images of tropical backyard garden patch being

July  03:

An Afternoon Off -To Explore the Hills and the Beach

Images of a trip to the hills of
        Baclayon, Bohol

Images of Beach in Baclayon, Bohol
                      Photos: Fatima Lasay

-Papaya Seeds Sown Throughout the Garden
-Passion Fruit Seeds Sown
in Various Places

The Markotted Avocado Has Fallen Over

Images of tropical backyard avocado
        tree fallen over after attempt to markot it

July  04:

-Rain in the Night
-Home Grown Sorghum Sown in Various Places

-Supermarket Squash Seeds Sown Throughout the Garden
-Chinese Celery Seeds Sown in Selected Areas
-Sticks "Planted" in Preparation for Vine  Seed Sowing
-Tap Water Returns
-Rain in the Evening

July  05:

-Heavy Rain in the Night
-Vine Seeds Planted in Selected Areas
-Trimming and Composting

July  06:

Visual link to "Goodbye Pork" webpage
Goodbye "Pork"

Hello Chicks

Images of hen with chicks in tropical

July  07:

Pinkie's Gate is Finally Repaired

Images of repair to tropical backyard
        pigpen gate

Another Unwanted Tree Removed

Images of tree being felled in
        tropical backyard

...and Processed

Images of debris from tropical
        backyard tree felling cleared up

But Lots of Border Work Still to Do

Images of untidy borders in tropical
        backyard garden

The Cat Presents Us With a Dead Monitor Lizard

Images of monitor lizard killed by
        house cat

July  08:

-More Trimming and Tidying

July  09:

-Various Seeds Sown

July  10:

Turned Away from the Shopping Mall -Oldies Only Allowed on Tue,Wed,Thrs...

Images of a failed trip into town
-More Vine Seeds Sown

July  11:

Three Generations of Ducks

Images of three generatioms of
        tropical backyard ducks togetheer

Passion Fruit Harvest

Images of passion fruit harvested in
        tropical backyard

-Kangkong Seeds Sown

July  12:

Piglet is Suddenly Unable to Walk -but recovers quickly

Images of sick tropical backyard
        piglet before and after recovery

The Others Seem Normal

Images of tropical backyard piglets

July  13:

Another Papaya Tree Chopped Down

Images of papaya tree in tropical
        backyard being chopped down

July  14:

Empty Pig Pen is Cleaned Ready for Beans

Images of tropical backyard pigpen
        being cleaned

July  15:

Piglet Stuck in "Restaurant" Has to be Rescued

Image of tropical backyard piglet
        being moved

Entry Hole Closed -but Piglets try to unblock it

Images of tropical backyard piglets
        trying to reopen closed exit to pig pen

One Hog Plum Cutting Doing Well, The Other Has Lost Its Leaves

Images of hog plum cuttings in a
        tropical backyard

Moringa Cuttings Struggling -but original tree recovered completely

Images of tropical backyard
              moringa tree and cuttings

July  17:


July  19:

Beans Separated from her Piglets and Moved to Pen Next to Pinkie

Images of tropical backyard sow
        separated from her piglets

-Various (Kitchen) Paprika and Sorghum Seeds Sown

July  20:

Heavy Rain

Images of rain in tropical backyard

Images of rain and sun in tropical backyard

July  21:

-Trip Into Town -to make Dental Appointment

July  22:

-Some more work tidying up  garden patch borders
-An extra "markotting" patch added to fallen avocado tree

July  23:

-Heavy Rain, then sunshine, then Rain Again
-Avocado Seedling Translated (the only surviving one)

July  24:

-Banana Tree Transplanted
-Rain in the night

July  25:

-Chesa seedling transplanted

July  26:

-Two More Markotting Patches Applied to The Avocado Tree
-Two Seedling Trees Staked Up After Rain

July  27:

-Dental Appointment in Tagbilaran
-Heavy rain
-Tricycle Breaks Down During Return, Two Hour Delay

July  28:

Terri Collects a Piglet

Images of a neighbour collecting a
        tropical backyard piglet

Fallen Avocado Tree is Sprouting

Images of fallen avocado tree
        sprouting new branches

-Pottering in the Garden

July  29:

-More Pottering in the Garden
-Three Black Avocado Seeds potted

July  30:

Penny Takes two Piglets -and we keep the rest

Images of tropical backyard piglet
        being caught

Images of trying to catch a tropical backyard piglet

Images of tropical backyard piglet
        being caught
-Pottering Again

July  31:

-More Pottering
-Cucumber, Paprika, Eggplant and Tomato Seeds Planted

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