May 27 2020: Pinkie Gets His teeth Trimmed

Image of tropical backyard boar before
        having tusks trimmed
400 Kg. Pinkie

-Be Prepared

Images of people getting ready to
        catch a large tropical backyard boar

Catch Your Pig

Images of men trying to catch a large
        tropical backyard boar

 Hog Tie It

Images of men tieing up a tropical
        backyard boar

Clean and Anesthetize the Mouth

Images of vet cleaning and anethetizing a tropical
        backyard boar before trimming its tusks

...and Trim the Tusk

Images of tropical backyard boar
        having tusk trimmed

Turn the Boar Over

Images of turning over a hog tied
        tropical backyard boar to cut its tusk

 Then Repeat

Images of tropical backyard boar
        having tusk trimmed

Release Him Carefully

Images of tropical backyard boar being released after
        trimming its tusks

Give A Reward

Images of tropical backyard boar getting a treat after
        having tusks trimmed

...and Repair the Damage

Images of boar pen gate being repaired
        after damage by boar


Image of tropical backyard boar\s


It 'was certainly an exciting  event..... But all's well that ends well

The vets arrived around 3 PM -and we quickly assembled the local lads who were helping us to restrain Pinkie.

We  moved Pinkie into the spare pen next to his own -because this was closer to the electricity supply.

It was quite amazing to see mild mouse Pinkie (estimated at around 400 kg by the vet) turn into a raging bull as soon as a stranger tries to touch him......

Some of the "helpers" were (quite naturally) nervous -but that's not the way to deal with such an animal.  By moving too quickly -they startled Pinkie -who ran back to his own pen -demolishing the heavy gate in the process....

Luckily we had the local "Butcher" (and his assistant) helping -and they were much more used to handling pigs.

He sneaked up on Pinkie while Pinkie  was having a pee and quietly lifted Pinkie's leg so he could put a noose around it. After that -he was able to pull the rope and wrestle Pinkie to the ground -where he was (literally) hog tied. Previously the vet had managed to get a "snare" over Pinkies top jaw -so his head could be fully restrained.

Once restrained -Pinkie started the most terrible screaming -which I was worried would upset Beans and the Piglets -but she didn't seem to care too much as long as all was safe and nonthreatening in her pen....

Once he discovered the helplessness of his situation, Pinkie also calmed down a bit and the tusk could be cut with a small portable circular saw......

Once that was removed -he had to be turned over so the other tusk could be done.....

...and then, of course, there was the danger and difficulty of releasing him.

Luckily, Pinkie seemed to realize that, despite the indignity of it all, it really was for his own benefit and he didn't seem at all revengeful....

During the process -he was given Novocaine for any pain -plus an anti-tetanus and antibiotic shots.......

So we hope he'll be OK .... He seemed friendly enough to us afterwards -and appeared OK the next morning....

Fatima has kept one tusk -and the vet's assistant was given the other -as souvenir ...
Such a large boar is quite unusual on the island.....

Beans and the piglets seem fine too..... The piglets were fast asleep at the 6.30 AM feeding time for Beans the next morning....


Image of a recently removed tropical backyard Boar's

Another Birthday
Piglets Again!


Imjage of recently removed tropical backyard boar's


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