Tropical Heritage Garden Diary:

August 2020:

Image of Avocado seedling in tropical

August  01:

Heavy Rain in the Night

Images of effects in tropical backyard of heavy rain
            in the night

Trimming and Composting

Images of trimmed and composted patches in tropical

August  02:

-Rain in the Night
-Various Green Leafy Vegetable Seeds Sown in  Western Garden
-Rain in the Afternoon

August  03:

-Rain in the Morning
-Two Dead Ducks, Cause Unknown, Composted
-More Tree Trimming and Composting
-Rain in the Afternoon

August  04:

-More Rain
-Some Bamboo Trimmed
-More Rain

August  05:

-Beans Planted in Southern Garden
-Various Green Leafy Vegetable Seeds Sown in Southern Garden
-Rain in the Night

August  06:

-Coconut Husks Burned Under the House to Smoke Chicken Mites
-Some Sprouting Lemon Seeds Potted
-A Few Cucumber, Espada and Sorghum Seeds Sown in Various Places
-Three Different types of Citrus Seedling Planted near Maternity Pen

August  07:

-Power  Cut for Several Hours
-More Work Trimming the Bamboo Patch
-Penny Butchers Some Chickens
-Fatima Goes Shopping in Town

August  09:

Fatima's Birthday -So we go for a walk and eat spaghetti

Birthday Images

August  10:

-Pottering in the Garden
-Two Different Types of maize Sown in Southern and Western Gardens

More Work on the Bamboo Patch

Images of trimming bamboo in tropical backyard

Images of trimming bamboo patch in
        tropical backyard

August  11:

-A Short, Relaxing, Walk with Fatima
-Back to the Bamboo

August  12:

-Rain in the Night
-Heavy Rain in the Afternoon
-Eggplant and various peppers Sown in Protected Western Patch
-Green Leafy Vegetables sown along S.W. Border
-A Start with Tidying Up the Area Around the Southern Bamboo Patch
-Rain in the Evening

August  13:

-Rain in the Night
-More Pottering
-A Bit of Work on the Southern bamboo Area

August  14:

-Very Heavy Rain in the Night
-Many Logs Washed from their Places Bordering Paths
-Another Trip Into Town

August  15:

Path Borders Restored After Floods

Images of tropical backyard birdere
        repaired after flooding

August  16:

-A Bit of Pottering
-More Work on Paths in the Southern bamboo Area

August  17:

-Hedge Trimmings Used as Fodder for Pigs

August  21:

-Resting for Several Days Recovering from a Cold
-Sowed Some Dutch Seeds (Turnip, Parsnip, Curly Kale) From a Friend
-Penny is Baking Bread

August  22:

Piglets Moved from Maternity Pen to Piglet Pen

Images of tropical backyard piglets
        being moved to a new pen

Images of tropical backyard piglets being moved to a new

Images of tropical backyard piglets being moved to a new

August  23:

-Avocado Seedling Planted
-Assorted Vegetable Seeds Broadcast in Various Locations
-"Kabir" (our "45 Day" hen) Dies around 3 years Old and is Composted

August  24:

-Resting and Relaxing

August  25:

-Banana "Pup" Transplanted from Northern Garden to Western Garden
-Old Boar Pen Area (Western Garden) Tidied Up a Bit

August  26:

-Fatima Goes into Town
-More Work on the Old Boar Pen Area
-Banana Pup Transplanted  in Old Boar Pen
-Avocado Seedling Planted in Old Boar Pen
-A Bit of hedge Trimming
-The Markotted Avocado is Growing More Shoots along the Trunk

August  27:

Old Boar Pen Area Ready for Planting

Images of cleared area in tropical

Wild Growing Lilies Transplanted

Images of lillies transplanted in
        tropical backyard

Pomegranate, Mulberry, Bago and Katurai Trees are Selected to Make Experimental Cuttings From

Images of Mulberry, Bago and Katurai
        in tropical backyard

August  28:

-The Garden is Drying Out and Needs Rain

August  29:

-Last Bag of Sawdust Dumped on Northern Garden Patch
-Rain in the Evening

August  30:

-Fallen Coconut Branches Removed
-More Work on Tidying the Southern Bamboo Area

August  31:


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