Brownie's Third Farrowing:

-July 2018:

Imagws of a tropical backyard boar and
        a sow

March  30:

Boar Pinkie and Auntie Brownie get together -but Brownie is not yet ready

Images of tropical backyrd pigs

April  03:

Pinkie Visits Brownie Again

Images of tropical backyard Boar and

Images of tropical backyard Boar and Sow together

....but Brownie is Sent Back Home-to wait a bit longer

Images of tropical backyard Boar and Sow

April  07:

Pinkie and Brownie get together Once More

Images of tropical backyard Boar and

Images of tropical backyard Sow and

Images of tropical baclyard sow and

Pinkie Goes Home to Try Again Another Day

Images of tropical backyard Boar and

April  09:

Pinkie and Brownie Succeed at Last

Images of tropical backyard boar and
        sow mating

Images of tropical backyard sow and
        boar mating

Images of tropical backyard sow and

Images of tropical backyard boar and

Images of tropical backyard boar and

April  10:

The Morning After

Images o ytropical backyard boar and

May  16:

Brownie is Moved to a New Pen

Images of tropical hbackyard sow being
        moved to a new pen

IMages mof a tropical backyard sow moved to anew pen

July 28:

Brownie is Restless -but not yet Nesting

Images of heavily pregnant
            tropical backyard sow

July 29:

06.30 AM:
 Brownie is Hungry -but it looks like Nest Building has Begun in the night
After eating  Brownie rests

Images of tropical backyard sow eating
        and resting before farrowing

Images of tropical backyard sow resting before

10.00 AM:
Fatima hears the first piglet

Images of tropical backyard pigpen while sow is

11.30 AM:
Fatima counts 8 or 9 piglets.....

Images of tropical backyard sow farrowing

Images of tropical backyard sow suckling newly born

At 2 pm there are 10 piglets

Images of 2 - 3 hour old tropical backyard piglets

By 4:30 pm

 Feeding time: There are 12 piglets

Images of 4 - 5 hour old tropical backyard piglets

July 30:

06.15 Morning Feeding:Piglet found crushed in the night.
There seems to be less fighting among piglets now. Was it a troublemaker?

Images of dead tropical backyard
        piglet -crushed by sow

Mother is Hungry

Images of newly farrowed tropical
            backyard sow eating breakfast

Piglets Active

Images of tropical backyard piglets born the day

....and Hungry Too

Images of suckling tropical backyard piglets born
            the dayb before

11.15 Am. The Victim of A Deliberate Crushing?

Images of tropical backyard
                piglet after possibly surviiving being sat on by its
Around 11.15 the sound of piglets fighting was heard -followed by a muffled cry.  When we looked, Fatima counted 10 piglets visible, so one was probably being crushed.

Brownie was sitting in a corner and refused to get up when we offered her some treats. Eventually, she did get up (after slapping her rump a few times and calling her. When she got up, she had indeed been sitting on a piglet.

I picked it up, stroked it a bit, shook it and slapped it -and it seemed to revive. A little later it was walking around, somewhat dazed and making comfort sounds. It had a limp on its right hand hind leg. We are not sure if it has internal injuries -or will recover.

Just before the Afternoon feeding we heard (on the balcony)
 some sounds of squabbling and an angry mother.

Images of tropical backyard
                sow and piglets

3.30 PM -Afternoon Feeding Time:
At first all seemed normal -until we discovered another crushed piglet

Images of dead piglet crushed
                by tropical backyard sow

Fatima thought that perhaps some fermented Coconut juice (Tuba) might help make Brownie more mellow.
However, she did not like it and seemed to be over-heating.

Images of overheated sow in
                tropical backyard

I tried cooling her with a wet cloth and she seemed to improve.

Images of over-heated sow being cooled down with

Fatima noticed that Brownie's teats were softer in the afternoon than earlier in the morning.
 Perhaps she'd had a light infection which had made them sensitive.

July 31:

06.15 -Morning Feeding:
Brownie didn't get up to be fed. I started to go in to put some water on her neck
 -but she "
growled" at me so I left her alone.
  Then she started suckling.

Images of tropical backyard
                sow with slight fever after farrowing two days earlier
When Fatima called her to the trough, she got up sluggishly. She seemed to appreciate having water on her neck (while at the trough) -but didn't like Fatima spraying her with water (from a plant spray. She did drink lots of water but didn't eat very much. She ignored the green forage.
Images of tropical backyard
                sow with slight fever after farrowing recently

08.00 AM Teeth Cutting:
Fatima decided to call Nestor (a feed company technician)
to come and cut the piglets teeth
 -because Brownie's teats seemed very sensitive and she was getting angry when suckling.

Images of animal technicin
                inspecting tropical backyard sow after recent farrowing
Nestor arrived around eight am. Brownie was suckling -so we waited fro her to finish first,
Then we had the problem of how to distract her while  the piglets were collected for processing. Fatima tried to lure Brownie with food -but she was not interested -not even in a nice coconut. So I whetted her neck while Fatima collected the piglets and gave them to Nestor -who put them in a large plastic box.

Images of animal technician
                collecting tropical backyard piglets before trimming
                their teeth

Nestor was only able to count nine piglets, so Fatima looked again -and found another dead piglet;

Images of dead piglet

Nestor then cut the teeth, while Fatima put Instant Iron Drops into the piglet's mouth before I put the piglets back in the pen. Brownie was upset at first, when she missed her piglets -but calmed down when  they started being returned.
Images of animal technician
                cutting teeth of tropical backyard piglets

Images of tropical backyard sow being reunited
                with her piglets after having their teeth trimmed
Fatima noticed an increase in vaginal discharge.
Nestor recommended putting some anti-biotic powder in Brownie's drinking water to help with the fever.

Reduced Suckling Times:
Normally Brownie suckles every half hour.
This morning it seems she only suckled every 2 hours -at 6, 10 and 12 AM...

By 1 PM the suckling sessions was about 1 hour after the previous one

Around 01.15 PM -Another Crisis:
Fatima saw Brownie role over and crush a piglet sleeping behind her. We rushed down and Fatima manged to get Brownie to move so I could rescue the piglet.  It was unconscious and I couldn't get it to respond -but Fatima held it upside down and shook it -until it started squealing. It was the same one that had been crushed earlier. Brownie was still suckling so the piglet could join in again.
IMages of recently crushed and
                rescued piglet suckling with its siblings

A few piglets have discovered the creep space.

Images of tropical backyard piglets
        suckling and some sleeping in a safe area protected from

4 PM -Afternoon Feed:
Brownie now seems to be suckling more regularly
 -so the problem was probably caused by sore teats caused by sharp baby teeth.

Images of tropical backyard sow
            suckling piglets

However, Brownie still wouldn't get up to eat or drink -so presumably still has some fever. Sponged her neck -and took her .a few fresh Tricanthera leaves, which she ate. Also took her some water, which she drank -but she refused any more leaves.
Images of tropical backyard sow
            with piglets

The piglet creep space seems to be getting more popular
 -although some piglets seem to prefer lying near their mother -and others prefer the middle of the pen.

Imags of piglets in tropical
            backyard pig pen with safe crrep space where they can be
            safe from crushing by the sow

August 01:

06.15 Morning Feeding:
Brownie is up and eating. Everything looks normal

IMages of tropical backyard sow eating
        after recovering from farrowing

All nine piglets seem active and healthy -although one was a little sleepy. They were all bunched together to keep warm -so we put the heat lamp on in the creep space. Because the piglets were active and didn't go to the creep space Fatima turned the lamp off again.

Images of tropical backyard sow with
        young piglets

4 PM -Afternoon Feed:
Brownie is hungry and the piglets are sleeping.

Images of tropical backyard sow
            feeding at trough

It seems the teeth trimming and the oral anti-biotic in the water have worked
 and everything is returning to normal.

Images of tropical backyard
                sow suckling young piglets

Suckling times are also back to around every 30 minutes......

August 02:

06.15 Morning Feeding:
Everything still seems normal this morning.
Brownie hungry and the Piglets still sleeping.

Images of tropical backyard sow with
        piglets eating

After a toilet break, another quick snack of forage material -and a rub down with a cooling, damp, cloth

Images of tropical backyard sow with piglets

4 PM -Afternoon Feed:
The piglets explore the creep space -and some even venture outside

Images of
            tropical backyard piglets exploring their environment

Mother eats while piglets are almost invisible -huddled together in a corner, sleeping

Images of tropical backyard sow wirh piglets

Brownie is much better already -but still enjoys being sponged down with cold water

Images of tropical backyard sow being given a sponge

August 03:

06.15 Morning Feeding:
All Normal

Images of tropical backyard sow

Sleepy Piglets -ready to explore the world as soon as they wake up

Images of tropical backyard sow and piglets

4 PM -Afternoon Feed:

There was anoer crushing incident this evening:  Brownie was standing at the trough. The piglets were sleeping behind her. Then she stepped back (possibly looking for a treat) and stepped on a piglet. The piglet squealed, the others ran off to the creep space and Brownie moved her foot.

Everybody was a bit shocked -but nobody seems badly hurt.

Images of apparently harmless crushing
        incident with tropicl backyard sow and piglets
Otherwise, feeding time seemed normal.
I gave her another cooling wipe down with a damp cloth, which she seems to like -even if not over-heating.

August 04:

06.15 Morning Feeding:
Breakfast as Usual for Brownie

Images of tropical backyard sow

While for the Piglets it's Sleep, Eat and Play

Images of tropical backyard sow and piglets

...and, increasingly, exploring the outside world

Images of tropival backyard piglets exploring the world
        outside their pen

4 PM -Afternoon Feed:
The end of another day...

Images of tropical backyard
        piglets in a pen with their mother

August 05:

One week old today!

Images of tropical backyard so with
        her piglets

IMagws of tropical backyard sow with piglets

Imagws of 0ne week old tropical
        backyard piglets playing

Images of one week old tropical backyard piglets playing
        outside their pen

...and yet another dead Piglet at the end of the day.

Images mof dead tropical backyard piglet -crushed by
However, "Limpy", the wounded piglet (crushed twice) seems to be managing very well -despite her limp.


Fatima Notes:

July 30 - The farrowing was without incident, however, within the
first hour of birth, piglets started fighting which upset Auntie
Brownie. Although fighting at the teats within a few hours of birth is
not unusual, I found it unusual that Auntie Brownie got hurt so

The first day, 2 piglets were crushed to death and 1 was injured by
overlaying. It seemed that Auntie Brownie was deliberately overlaying
her piglet because she was hurt and upset by them fighting at her
teats. Brownie's teats seemed hard when I pressed them in the morning,
but by late afternoon, her teats seemed much softer. It is possible
that her teats were sensitive because of mastitis. I also wondered if
the piglets' teeth were sharper than the usual we've had before. I
inspected the teeth of one of the dead piglets and I saw needle teeth
that were thin and sharp, instead of the usual triangular shape with
the pointed tip. Not all the piglet's teeth are like that, and I am
not sure if such teeth do make a difference.

July 31 - Teeth-clipping went well this morning, there are 9 piglets
left. 1 piglet got crushed last night. Brownie drank water but did not
eat. White discharge. Piglets went to the mother to suckle and the
situation seemed better, although nursing is less frequent (every 1-2
hours); hoping later nursing will be on regular. I hope things
progress from now on and that the mother quickly recovers.

August 1 - Suckling is much more peaceful since teeth clipping. The
injured piglet remains feisty and active. Piglets look forward to
exploring the Escape Hatch/Restaurant/Garden after nursing,
particularly brightens up sluggish piglets. The injured piglet seem to
be the first to want to go out. Nursing was hourly and sometimes 15-30
min intervals. Brownie is drinking and eating well. She is getting
Amoxicillin antibiotics in her water (for 3 days).

August 5 - Piglet got crushed this afternoon. We were unable to revive it.

The ground in front of the trough has become tough and slippery and
this area seem to be where crushing fatalities often occur. This area
will need to be dug up and wood shavings spread to soften the ground
and reduce slipping.

This litter of piglets is nervous and not as friendly as Number 3's
last litter.


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