Beans -Second Parity:

-Wednesday May 19, 2021:


May 24 2020:

Bean's First Parity

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Piglets Again

September 12 2020:

Beans Gets Artificially Inseminated

Images of tropical backyard sow being
        Artificially Inseminated

But Nothing Happens


January 24 2021:

Pinkie and Beans Get Together -But Go Home for Dinner

Images of tropical backyard boar and

January  30:

-Beans Artificially Inseminated

May  16:

Beans is Moved to the Maternity Pen

Images of tropical backyard sow
            moved to new pen for farrowing


Wednesday May 19:

Images of tropical backyard sow making
        a nest

Images of tropical pig pen at night

I1,00 AM

Beans Seems to have started nest building. In the morning she  seems  active with nest building -and behaves normally with regards to food. As the day progresses, she becomes less active and merely sits quietly on her nest.

06.00 PM:

Beans gets up to drink -but doesn't eat. Otherwise silence with no activity. just lying in her self-built nest

09.05 PM:
  Fatima hears and sees the first piglet which looks brown in the dark.
By 10.00 PM
Fatima has seen 3 or 4 piglets -but it is difficult to see from our balcony. As usual we shall leave her in pace until the morning....

Around 10.15 PM

We could hear piglets fighting and the sounds of a sow calling her piglets to be nursed.
However, mostly silence reins.

Thursday May 20:

Beans is Totally Exhausted -But Bravely Nursing

Images of exhausted tropical
            backyard sow nursing her piglets

We Try to Comfort and Refresh Beans

Images of nuturing an exhausted tropical
                backyard sow after giving birth the night before

Images of trying to refresh exhausted tropical
                backyard sow after farrowing the night before

Images of reviving an exhausted tropical
                backyard sow after farrowing the night before

She Slowly Recovers During the Day

Images of tropical backyard sow recovering from
                exhaustion after farrowing the night before

Two Dead Piglets are Cooked for the Cats

Images of tropical backyard
            piglets cooked for cat food after dying shortly after birth

We Rescue Three Piglets in the Night

Images of nightime rescue of three newly born
                tropical backyard piglets

We had 7 piglets born in the night -but two died shortly after birth

Beans is  exhausted. We have given water by hand. After drinking she did eat a little green-stuff -but not much.

Even so, she is nursing her piglets.... All white this time....

They weren't expected (by Fatima) until Saturday -but I suspected yesterday that she would be early.

Beans didn't get up during the day, Initially she only drunk a little and would not really eat anything substantial.

However she did like water with sugar -and by the 3 PM feeding time was able to drink water from a dipper and eat several bananas (both skins and whole fruit) as well as some over-ripe papaya.

Around 7 PM -she got up -but fell over onto three of her piglets. Fatima saw it and was able to raise alarm. Luckily we had placed a shovel nearby and were able to use that to lever her up and free the three. All recovered within a few minutes. Later they were drinking milk with the others as if nothing had happened.

Beans ate another banana (our last) -but wouldn't drink from the trough. She did drink from a dipper. She then returned to her piglets -but lay against the wall of the pen -apparently to prevent further accidents.

Fatima cleaned the trough -and we left her with a rubber bowl with some water and some eggs in it.

Around 8 PM -after suckling her piglets she got up, ate one egg -but dropped the other. After she turned over the bowl with sugar water she was given fresh water -which she drunk -as well as eating some feed stuff..

The surviving piglets seem fine -although one seemed  a little bit slow in the beginning but appeared to catch up later.

Rather than waste them, we cooked the dead piglets as food for the cats: One piglet had milk in its stomach -so  presumably it died some time after being born. The other one had no milk inside -and so presumably died before or during birth -before it could even start suckling.


Friday May 21:

Beans is Slowly Recovering

Images of tropical backyard sow
                  recovering after farrowing recently

Excess Nesting material is Removed and Composted

Images of excess nesting materialremoved
                    from area around tropical backyard pigpen after

Beans is Now Much More Active

Images of tropical backyard sow recovering
                    from farrowing recently

Piglets and Mother Separate
Safely After Nursing

Images of trpical backyard sow with piglets

Beans got up around 6.0 AM to eat and drink a little this morning. But soon laid down again.

By Lunch time she ate and drunk a little more and by evening was eating and drinking more normally -but not so voraciously as normal.

The excess nesting material was removed from the outside storage space (restaurant) so as to allow piglets to escape into the garden when ready.


Saturday May 22:

Getting Back to Normal

Images of tropical backyard sow
            with piglets

Images of tropical backyard sow with piglets

Images of tropical backyard sow

A Few Squeals in the Night

Images of tropical backyard pig pen at night

A couple of non-fatal crushing incidents in the night. We heard squeals but Beans reacted well and nobody got hurt....


Sunday May 23:

Everybody is Present in the Morning

Images of tropical backyard sow
            and piglets

...and Life Continues Normally During the Day

Images of tropical backyard sow
            with piglets

We Try to Make the Creep Space and Exit More Attractive

Images of safe creep space in tropical backyard
                piglet pen

...and A Few Do Eventually Go Out

Images of tropical backyard piglets

Beans seems more or less back to normal today. We didn't give her any antibiotic earlier -because she didn't seem to have a fever -and luckily, she appears to have recovered entirely on her own natural resources.

We dumped some (damp) soil in the creep space -to encourage the piglets to have a safe space there. Two even managed to get outside into the garden.


Monday May 24:

Still Tired

Images of tropical backyard sow a
            few days after farrowing

But More Active in the Afternoon

Images of tropical backyard sow
              with young piglets

Everything seems back to normal. However the piglets are not very active -or adventurous. Although some have already  discovered the exit to the garden, Nobody ventured outside today.


Tuesday May 25:

A Lazy Morning for All

Images of tropical baxckyard sow
            with piglets

But Later Eating

Images of recently farrowed tropical backyard
                sow eating


Images of six day old tropical backyard
                piglets being suckled


Images of tropical backyard piglets exploring
                outside their pen

and then Sleeping

Images of tropical backyard sow sleeping

Things seems fairly normal again today. Some piglets have discovered the creep space and the exit -but the rest seem less adventurous than our usual litters. Perhaps a tired mother has provided poor nutrition -or maybe Large Whites are genetically less active.

Beans is still lethargic -but then its a hot, humid, day and the other pigs are lethargic too.

After some light rain in the afternoon, it became a little cooler -and by the afternoon feed, Beans seemed fairly active -but her body feels like she has a low grade fever -which she did not appear to have earlier.....


Wednesday May 26:

All Systems Go?

Images of tropical backyard
            piglets one week after the day they were born..

Beans does have a slight temperature -and the kids do look a bit thin....
Otherwise she seems ok.. In fact, she became very playful after Fatima gave her some oral antibiotic.

We are giving her extra food... The piglets have also found the way out (at least a few) so hopefully, they'll soon get lots of exercise running round the garden and digging in the soil....

One did get a bit lost  outside today.  Hopefully they will not do too much damage.....

One week old tonight!

Images of tropical piglets born
            nearly one week ago


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