Goodbye "Pork"

     -July 6 2020

"Pork" Born: June 25, 2019
Image of tropical backyard pig
No.Three's Fifth Farrowing


July  06:


Images of preparations before
        butchering a tropical backyard boar

A Swift Death

Images of tropical backyard boar being
        humanely killed

The Carcass Hogtied and Carried

Images of dead tropi9cal backyard boar
        being moved for butchering

Untied, Then Washed and Cleaned

Images of tropical backyard boar being washed and
          cleaned before butchering


Images of tropical backyard boar being skinned


Images of slaughtered tropical backyard boar being


Images of slaughtered tropical backyard boar being


Images of tropical backyard boar being butchered

Images of tropical backard boar being butchered

Saved, Cleaned and Shaved

Images of eremains of butchered tropical backyard

A Sample Cooked and Tasted

Images of recently sklaughtered tropical backyard
            boar having a sampled cooked

Images of recently skaughtered tropical backyard
            boar being tasted

 The Rest Packaged, Stored or Distributed

Images of meat from recently slaughtered
          tropical backyard boar

...and the Yard Cleaned Up Afterwards

Images of tidy tropical backyard after pig butchering


Image of slaughtered tropical backyard boar

It all happened very quickly:
Within a minute it was over for him....
Knocked unconcious by a blow to the head -before having his throat cut.
At 7.10 am he was still running around -and by 8.00 am he was already a heap of meat....

But still an emotional event for us....

Fatima (and some other people) were worried by the threat of "Boar Taint" -because Pork was quite old -and almost too heavy to be lifted.....
So, instead of shaving him -which involves pouring hot water over the carcass and possinle contamination. we had him skinned -which avoided soaking the intestines -allowing us to remove them whole before dividing up the carcass....

The lads took the skin and cooked it at home...

Preliminary testing (a quick soup) showed the meat was free of taint -so  we could also give some away.....
Fatima and I had spent most of Sunday resting.... So we were up early for Monday morning's events....

Pork was butchered before we'd even had breakfast.....
But by 11 am Fatima was still processing the meat for the freezer....

We also distributed meat to some neighbours
So Pork has fed a number of people and it will take us several months to eat him.
His scarifice was not for nothing.
Thank You Pork!

Images of slaughtered tropical backyard boar
              bein cut up for meat


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